Translation, proofreading, editing & copywriting rates

Every client is different. Every project has different needs.

Spanish to English translation rates… French to English translation rates… editing, proofreading, copywriting prices…

You may want just translation, you might want translated document proofreading and polishing or perhaps you want copy from scratch. Translation rates are different from editing rates. Copywriting rates are different from proofreading rates.
Whatever your translation or writing project, you’ll receive a competitive quote to suit your requirements.

How much will the French or Spanish translation price for your project be?

Every translation is priced per source word. You can choose from two packages:

A quality, professional translation from Spanish or French to English (UK or USA), QA checked and delivered in the same format as supplied.

A quality, professional translation from Spanish or French to English (UK or USA), QA checked, proofread by an additional translator and formatted if required.
Word documents and PDFs are easier to work with, so please supply in this format if you can.

Translations of scans are possible, for an additional charge.

What’s the proofreading and editing rate?

This will depend on whether you require a proofread or edited translation, or need a document written by a non-native English speaker checking.

The rate is based on the number of source words.

How much is copywriting?

You will receive a price per hour copywriting quote, which will depend on how much research is required. Once the project goes ahead you will have the option to make up to 3 sets of light amendments.


Once we start working together you may decide you want extras such as:

  • Blog/article writing
  • Social media posting
  • UX writing
  • SEO

Just ask for a quote.

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