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A fast and accurate editing service for documents:

  • translated from Spanish to English
  • translated from French to English
  • written in English by a non-native

You may have a website that needs checking for accuracy and localisation or an email series produced by a non-native speaker. I can fine-tune the work and express your ideas fluently.

My document business and academic editing service include:

  • rewriting sentences and phrases to make them sound natural and ensure you keep the meaning of the source document
  • spelling and grammar checks
  • making suggestions for improvements so your target market will understand your objective
  • spotting mistakes you may not have seen


No matter how many times you read your own work it´s easy to miss spelling and grammar errors. A professional proofreader will eliminate those errors to ensure your work is 100% accurate.

I proofread translations into English from Spanish and French and pure English documents (by native and non-native English speakers).

Here are 4 reasons proofreading is essential before publishing your document:

  1. it will be free of spelling and grammar errors
  2. the punctuation will be accurate
  3. it will be checked for accuracy against the source document
  4. format and editorial style will be consistent

Proofreading is the last stage before printing a document. The proofreader reads the document with a fresh pair of eyes, spotting and correcting any mistakes that have been overlooked.


I am also a copywriter and have a select group of clients. Please ask for samples of my work if you are interested in this service.

If you’d like a quote please leave your details below and I´ll be in touch: