French to English translation

french to english translation

If your business operates in a French-speaking market and you need a quality French to English translation I can assist.





I work out of all the French dialects into English and have experience translating:

  • Websites
  • Marketing material
  • Ebooks
  • Contracts
  • Technical documents
  • CVs
  • Business documents

French is spoken worldwide, mainly in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. Each has its own dialect and many requirements for French to English translation.

France is a large and growing European economy, Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg are home to the European Parliament and Canada is one of the highest reported global internet users. This means international business and communications on a large scale and the need for the translation of documents from French to English.

French to English translation services

If your business needs an accurate and professional French to English translation service that reflects the market you operate in and attracts your target market, let´s talk. Whether you need a translation to English from French of your website, press releases, blog, instruction manuals, contracts or any other documents, I look forward to assisting you.

I have lived in France, worked at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and have strong connections with the French language. I am qualified in Business French and now specialise in marketing, technical and legal French to English translation.

If you’d like a quote please leave your details below and I´ll be in touch:

I also offer Spanish to English translationcopy editing and proofreading.